A Members' Showcase Exhibition

Dates: September 7 - October 13, 2018

The Rehoboth Art League
Homestead Gallery
Submission Fee: 20.00 dollars for up to three submissons
Eligibility: Artists must be current members of the Rehoboth Art League. Your membership must be active through the last day of the exhibition. 

Theme: In this exhibition, artists are challenged to explore the personality and mood of their subject through portraiture. Both 2-D and 3-D artists are invited to participate

Application Deadline: Monday, August 13, 2018 at noon
Notification of Acceptance: By Monday, August 20, 2018, 5:00pm
Delivery of Works (if accepted): August 21 - 31, 2018 to the Corkran Gallery
*NOTE: From time to time, based upon  the securitiy settings on your email account and/or security settings set up by your internet carrier, emails from ArtCall may be filtered to you SPAM  file. You should recieve an email confirmation with each submitted work as well as an email indicating the juor's decision (one for each work). To avoid artists whose notifications may slip throught the cracks- an email will be sent to all particpating artists  from Aritist Director Jay Pastore alerting them that the juror's selections have been sent out. If after that notification you do not receive an email indicating the status for  each of your submissions, call Jay Pastore at 302227.8408 ext. 104.
Opening Reception: Friday September 7, 5-7pm
Juror: George W. Thompson

There are no awards given for this exhibition.

Submission Requirements
Submitted works must be produced no earlier than 2016 and never have been displayed in any RAL gallery/exhibiton. There is a size limitation of 30" x 40" for works in this exhibition. Submission images must be less than 4MB each.  Submission images must be less than 4MB each.  Upon each submission, you will receive an email confirming acceptance. You may re-enter the call until the deadline to delete, change, and/or edit your submissions. Check out this instructional video to resize larger images using both Mac and Windows operating systems.

*NOTE: From time to time, based upon  the securitiy settings on your email account and/or settings set up by your internet carrier, emails from ArtCall will get filtered to you SPAM  file. If you change you password and/or are not receiving emails in either your spam or regular email after you process your submissions contact Jay Pastore at 302.227.8408 ext. 104.

Pick-up and Delivery
Delivery dates are as noted above. Pick-up dates are within 7 days following the last day of the exhibition. All artwork must be picked up by the artist and/or shipping arrangements prepaid and prearranged by the artist at the end date of the show. RAL is not responsible for the return of any artwork(s) if unclaimed, or when no arrangements have been made. There is a storage fee of five dollars ($5.00) / day / piece for any work(s) that remains at the RAL after 14 days following the close of the exhibition.

The RAL is not responsible for any wrapping materials or boxes left at the time of delivery.

Works must be displayed throughout the entire length of the exhibition. The image size (including mat) for 2-D works can be no larger than 40” x 30”, unless given permission by the Artistic Director, Jay Pastore. All 2-D works must be wall hung ready. Any special requirements for hanging must be discussed with the Artistic Director in advance of delivery.

All works must be available for sale. The artist will receive a sixty-five percent (65%) payment for any works sold during this exhibition. Following the exhibition: the artist must pay a thirty (35%) percent commission to the RAL for any work(s) sold outside of the RAL to a buyer who was introduced to the work(s) while on display during this exhibition. Works must be produced no earlier than 2016 and never before displayed in any RAL gallery.

Any works remaining at the RAL after two (2) months past the end date of this exhibition will be forfeited to the Rehoboth Art League.

By submitting works into this exhibition, you agree to the above terms and conditions.